Thursday, September 25, 2008

Today's Green and Blue...

So once upon a time I got stuck on greens and blues.
Bottom line, I just love Baja Breeze. Last year's in color was Bayou Blue, this year my fav is totally Baja!
And there's just something about it mixed with green that makes me happy...calm...peaceful...relaxed.
The designer paper I used was the new Green Tea dp. It chose the greens for me: certainly celery, and old olive.
The white birds are from the Stampin' Up! Birds & Blooms sizzlets for the Big Shot. They are so darn cute. The one sizzlet cuts out the birds as well as two little wings that are perforated to fold and stick on easily. Like I said: CUTE! :)

On another note: have you been singing happy birthday?
I know.
See, you say you're worried about me and that I'm strange...hehehe...but now it's got YOU thinking doesn't it?!?
Oh Kimberly. Kimberly? Where are you oh health genius friend of mine? What is up with not having to wash your dishes and sing happy birthday?

Also, I have not been able to watch Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) on
It's bugging me. It's torturing me. It's truly burnin' my butter! They switched to a new "player" and it's not working on my end. Dastardly, I say!


Anonymous said...

Okay, okay! :) Here you go... It takes longer to dislodge bacteria on our hands because skin has tons of cracks and crevices, along with our fingernails to worry about. Dishes are more quickly cleaned because they are smooth surfaces, and nonporous. Plus, we have inherent bacteria on our skin, like staph aureus, that is potentially harmful, whereas dishes have mostly food..
But you go ahead and sing happy birthday to your dishes! ;) Maybe you can make them a birthday card.

Bev said...

Thank you Kimberly. Bless your little health expert heart! You just may get a HB card out of this. :)

Anonymous said...

How bout a corner bookmark to remind me of your sweet little self everytime I open my book o' the moment? :) Ya know, for solving your mental conundrum. Or, you could give me loads of help with my mops project. Oh wait, you already did!