Sunday, November 08, 2009

Kiwi Flowers

Hi peeps! Happy Monday to you!
Did you have a good weekend? Get to relax? For a minute? :) I think I may have gotten about an hour's worth in. :) My hubby is in Arizona for the month on a detail so I've got all 4 babies. I have been blessed with these munchkins...the trick is to feel that blessing as much as possible through the messes and crying and 2s and 3s and 4s. Oh, and nursing. Feeling those blessings! :)
Anywho! I *have* stamped this week. My church is having a craft show and they are hosting one of the tables for a mission for the Congo. I wrote myself down for two sets of cards for them to sell. They are both the same design:
So I've been slowly but surely cranking out 24 of these puppies. The flower panel is in whisper white cardstock, stamped with the flowers from Happy Harmony in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation stamping. The paper is then spritzed with water (so that it bleeds a little) and dried with the heat gun. The verse sentiment is from the set Refuge and Strength.
Happy Harmony is a retired SU! set that I just refuuuuse to get rid of. Which leads me to......
where I stand on Stampin' Up! and their big announcement that came out while I was in the hospital with my baaaabie. For those of you who are unawares, SU! announced that they would drop demonstrators who actively sold or represented (as in design teams) any other stamp company or company that sold stamping goods the SU! also sells. (I'm paraphrasing b/c LAWD no one wants to go over all thaat again) As a result..many and I meeean MANY demonstrator friends of mine have dropped b/c they wouldn't sign the agreement.
Where do I stand, you ask?
I have chosen to take this opportunity to say "tah!" to SU! The reason being: I do not take kindly to being told what or who or when I can promote whatnot in my blog or email or in person. SO I'm not.
As a result, you'll see me using other company's things and retired sets and whatever I'd like to use that day. Just so you're not cornfused.
Well, friends, I hope you have a marvelous week! I hope you start making those Thanksgiving grocery lists. Figure out how much turkey you need.
Drooling my way to November 26th,


Linda B said...

Congrats to you! I was a SU demo myself and handled the news the same as you. There's something about being an adult and being told that you have to limit your creative juices that just doesn't work. TFS:D

Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving your opinion on that topic! Apparently they are applying this policy to other countries as well and I am curious to see how German demos will handle this (I'm not a demo myself). I think you did the right thing, but then again, I am an outsider. Anyhow, best wishes from over the pond to you & yours!

Cassie said...

this is one of my favorite sets of all time too! it was one of my weekly favs last week!