Monday, May 22, 2006

"Do you think I'm warm?"

Warning: This blog is about Big Love. If you do not watch won't get this blog at all. For those of you that DO....

I fertalize my yard, and try to take care of it and all..but, this episode shows me that it is not worth the work of trying to lay it down yourself....Margene looked exhausted. And then, we find out why. (Liked how Barb and Nicky were discussing the wills right as Margene falls over! Hehehe) And poor Margie actually has joyful feelings toward her sister-wives only to have Nicki say "You're overheated, put on a hat"!
The kids go with.....
I can't believe Nicki would want the kids to go to the compound! What a morron!
"I loved what you said this morning about how far we've come, but could I have my kids go to you instead of Nicki"-Margie
And that poor lawyer! You feel badly that he has to deal with such drama, and you feel sorry for Bill that he chose to have it this way.
So a few of my favorite quotes of the night:
"You were always such a happy baby! Actually, no. That was Christa"
"She doesn't know who George Bush is!"
"Women stay home to care for the chicks while the men go out to catch the worms"
"Do you think I'm warm?" "No"

Yeah...I love this show. :)


Anonymous said...

God only knows what I'd be without you...

I LOVE this show too!! The opening just kills me with the "first vision", going through the veil and then the 4 of them dining on the Celestial Kingdom. LOL

This show is funny funny funny funny if you are a former Mormon :)

Anonymous said...

Bev, hope you don't mind my taking up your blog comment space. BUT, did you ever see the South Park episode "All About Mormons?"

HaHa, you can watch the whole thing too!!

"Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb "

B_Rousch said...

Lucy Harris Smart-smart-smart, Martin dumb-dumb-dumb..:)