Monday, June 05, 2006

Finales: Take 4

BIG Love
The finale was last night! Barb was to accept the Mother of the year award and Nicki was acting all upset that they weren't sticking up for who they were. You knew it couldn't go smoothly! I mean, they are polygamists pretending not to be, and having some people KNOW. It was bound to blow up in her face. :)
My favorite part of the show was when Wanda pooooisons Alby with antifreeze. Joey's reaction to it all was just priceless: "You can't just go around trying to poison everyone who's mean to us!". Did you see the tag the left on Alby at the hospital. Too funny! Then Bill talking to his family giving them the "story" for the police...I got a real giggle out of all of them sitting there nodding like HE had lost his mind, "You gotta shape up people, gotta shape up".
Skipping forward to Nicki and Margene at the Mexican restaurant:
While imagining what they would be doing if they weren't "married", Nicki admitted that she was the one that approached Bill first, not the other way around. Margene said she would be dating someone in Portland. What are these women doing to their lives?
Now they are "exposed"...they say it like they have a slip showing....they are POLYGAMISTS!
Hello. Poor Nicki though they were going to have their house burned down. I guess we'll see what happens next season and if they, as Barb put it, get what they deserve. :)

Iron Chef Battle Bacon
This wasn't a finale, I just couldn't not say something about it. OMG! The judges had to eat 11 dishes where BACON was the main star ingredient. Towards the end they all looked glossed over like the fat was oozing from their pores. I didn't have to eat it, but I felt like I'd gained 10 lbs just watching it! Grrrrrrose!


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