Monday, June 19, 2006

A Week Away

We were gone all last week in Wisconsin, at my husband's family reunion (which ended up being a whole lot smaller than they thought it would be). We had fun though!
The week felt longer than it was...I'm still in shock that it was just a week. I feel so much more rested than a week should make you feel (when you're with family....if you know what I mean).
So I'm going to take this weks glogs and devote them on featuring (and ranting about) my time away with the In-Laws.
Today's feature is Hoofbeat Ridge Camp (my husband's family owns and runs a horse camp).

Seth got to sit on a horse (Dina) for the first time. He didn't want to take his "horsy hat" off after! Then he played in the hay barn.
It was really wierd visiting Hoofbeat. I was a councelor there the summer before Michael and I got married, and then I went back to be the Program Director for a summer.
There were still some of the same coucelors there...and even some of the campers had become councelors. It was like seeing ghosts of Christmas Past.....:) And you're all like yeah, these two kids are mine....and this little guy wants to get on a horse.....yeah, I know I taught you how to get on a me out here.

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