Saturday, September 30, 2006

I told you!

Did you watch Grey's Anatomy? :) I told you! I mean, I didn't see that last couple of minutes coming...but I TOLD YOU. What did I say? "They should bring back McSteamy"....Hahaha! Yeah, that's what I said.
So I took a cue from my dear friend Susan and decided to clean out my fridge...I think the last time was in January. The most beastly thing I found in there was a package of spinach reduced to liquid at the very bottom of the veggie drawer. I never use my veggie drawer so I blame that one on my husband. He probably put it away God knows when. Bleh!
And I desperatly need to defrost the deep freezer. It's so frosted over you have to brush your hand across things to figure out what they are. I think I'll wait till it's cold out so I can just put everything in coolers out in the snow while it defrosts. The irony of my deep freezer being in my garage is that in winter here, in actually serves to keep my food warmer than the room temperature...I'm so tired of North Dakota. *sigh*
Have to go eat dinner. :)

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