Friday, October 13, 2006

Loser of the Night/Winner of the Night

Survivor-Ok, is it just me or is Survivor kind of blah thus far? They have no killer instincts or strategies in their games. It just feels blah.

CSI-Wow, we are never raising kids in Las Vegas. And that scene with Sara kicking that dummy and flirting with Grissom was cute.

Grey's Anatomy-Best show on tv right now. What happened Meredith? How do you go from two hot guys to losing your apendix AND the guys? Meredith is the biggest loser of the night. I loved how they showed off Bailey's softer side this time...she's quickly becoming my favorite character. But I have to say the biggest winner of the night was McVet. How is that? Easy! The SECOND McDreamy dropped out of the runnings, McVet was going to be hurt or die in some sort of way during sweeps. But Meredith let him out, thus saving his very life from the network's hands. So McVet, you are the biggest winner. Also big eyes were made at that TV screen all over america when the *8.7 MILLION* dollar check was pulled out of the envelope. 8.7 million have to really love surgery to stay in after that. Izzy should open a baking shop.

Ok, gotta go. :)

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