Saturday, February 03, 2007

Quick Note Until Next Week...

We're packing like mad. The walls are all going back to military housing "off white". The labels are coming off my kitchen cabinets (I've already mapped out the new house's cabinets and relabeled them on a piece of paper- fun!). The toys have been reduce to the minimum for a few days. My garage is now packed with filled rubbermaids. On another note,
I'm starving and emotional when I am- my truest sign that I have a baby in the works. I get weepy and actually cry if too much time elapses waiting for food- ridiculous. Hehehe. Today base Burger King was lunch, and the bleeping teenager behind the glass didn't include our chicken nuggets (we were charged) and left out my fav zesty sauce that I had asked for for my onion rings. Well, my husband brings it through the door for me and finds out we don't have the nuggets for the kids. Grr.. I could just snap that girl like a twig. I guess it's just too hard to get a fast food order right- not promising for her future. Like I said, I'm a little emotional when hungry. :)
Anyhow- so excited about the house! We are signing the papers on Monday at 3. We'll do the actual moving on Tuesday. Michael leaves the 20th. Life keeps going. :) Talk to you next week,


MandySue said...

Holy moly girl, you have a lot on your plate right now!!!

Ellen said...

I am the exact same way about food when I am pregnant! It is crazy. Good luck moving!