Sunday, March 18, 2007

Getting All "Little House on the Prairie" on Ya...

I was picking out a coat and scarf to wear out the other day and realized that my absolutely favorite scarf was in the wash. It's a scarf I knitted 4 years ago while Michael was in the desert. It was actually my first knitted item ever. Michael's mom is a Mother Earth News person and owns her very own lama an spins her very own wool and blah blah blah. Well I visited her while Michael was in the desert and she taught me how to knit. I knew how to crochet- funny word alert- but was kind of intimidated about using two sticks at once. :)
Once you get the hang of it, it's super easy and a fun way to watch a movie and get something done at the same time.
SO- when I couldn't find my scarf the other morning, I decided I wanted to try my hand at another scarf. I found this delicious yarn at Micheal's and looked up a couple of sites to refresh my memory on starting and the process of knitting and purling. Here's my start.
Sorry to get all "Little House on the Prairie" on ya, but hey, I'm not knitting my own socks here I only do scarves 'cause they're small and quick and I need as immediate gratification as I can get.

*Disclaimer* Knitting your own socks is fine. I'm sure they're comfortable and beautiful, but golly, wouldn't you feel sad to take your boots off and have your carefully crafted creation smell like foot stank? I like my yarn too much to put it through to that ultimate disrespect. :)

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