Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Good Eater...

Robyn will eat things that Seth won't even look at. Seth's favorite thing to say lately when he doesn't want to eat something is a quote from Green Eggs and Ham: "I will not eat it here or there, I will not eat it anywhere"; to which I reply with my fav quote from that book:"You will like it you will see, you will like it in a tree".
Anyhow my "good eater" ate a salad for dinner tonight. She saw me have one for a snack this afternoon and kept pointing at the bag this evening when I asked her what she wanted. She even did a happy dance when I put it on her plate. Heeheehee.
Just so you know, she did *not* get this from me. I remember many an afternoon in my childhood spent sitting in front of a plate of food that I had refused to eat at lunch time.

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Audrey-CieloTierraMar said...

this is so funny. I can see seth just saying sam I am.