Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Paci Update

They're gone, through, finito. No more pacis.
At her first nap time w/o them she took longer to go to sleep, not because she was crying, but she kept calling me in there to give me a kiss and she'd point at her mouth as if to say (in my friend Sandy's words) "I have an empty spot!". :)
Then at bedtime, she fussed a little longer too and woke up a couple times learning how to sooth herself back to sleep. She's hugging her fuzzy bear more fearcely.
All in all, it's been pretty darn painless! I was the big chicken in all this. I mean, I braved up to do it cold turkey and all, but I shuddered here and there. Thank goodness that's done and over with!

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Markie's Mom said...

That's great! You did it! She's a perfect little angel!