Friday, June 22, 2007

So Proud

I don't cut Seth's hair. It's one of those things that just is not worth it to me and I let Michael take care of it. We would take him somewhere to have it cut, but he makes such a scene and cries the whole time so the tip we would have to give the barber/hairdresser to make ourselves feel better about what we put them through we be more than the actual haircut. So Michael cuts it here at home. Usually he cuts it with scissors because Seth doesn't freak out so much- it's the sound of the buzzing against his head that freaks him out (and Michael has really perfected cutting with scissors!!).

I had Michael cut Seth's hair the day before he left in February and have not cut it since then. I was holding out until he got back....and then he got extended for another 4-6 weeks. It was sooooo long I could have done some nice ponytails. I know...bad mom...but cutting his hair is like washing a cat!! So once again I had to brace and go beyond myself (that is the name of the game as a military wife, isn't it?!?). I cut his hair today. We buzzed it out on the porch and then took a bath and had ice cream for lunch (it was in the deal we shook for), and are now watching The Increadibles befor nap time.

I am so darn proud of that kid, I just glow! He fussed at first and then just sat there holding his fuzzy bear and shaking a little. Then he was happy I used scissors around his ears. And leave it to perfect timing, Michael called just as we were cleaning up. So Michael got to tell him how proud he was of him and all that. Who knew that such a hurdle could make my day? I just love that boy! :)


Markie's Mom said...

You did such a great job on his hair! Such a cutie!

Tammy said...

Bev, what a precious and handsome boy you've got there! Good for him for being brave for his Mom! He looks terrific, and I hope he enjoyed his ice cream lunch!