Sunday, June 17, 2007

Taking Out The Paci

As of tomorrow morning Robyn is done with her pacies....I have just thrown them all out except for the blessed one that is in her mouth for tonight. That one will join it's friends in the garbage in the morrow. I've got to do it though. She has to have enough time befor the baby to get over them and learn not to snatch them out of baby's mouths. I'm a little scared, but my loins are girded for the next couple of days painful bedtimes. A little encouragment would be lovely! *scared* :)


FFFF said...

We cut the ends off of all rhiannon's. She thought they were "broken" because they didn't work right so she didn't have a fit because we gave her one (it just was "broken") and after 3 days she just gave up and never asked again because all we culd find were broken ones. go to a mommy site and you will find lots of good ideas to help.

Markie's Mom said...

Now this is a beautiful child!