Monday, July 23, 2007

My Lumberjacks...

My husband loves cutting wood...and our house has a wood burning fireplace- reason enough for him to cut wood like it's going out of style.
Well he's talked to several farmers in the area who need trees taken out of their property and has been happily trecking over with his old truck to chainsaw down trees and haul them back here- to my back yard. He's put together this little area in the back of the shed to split and stack the wood. He thinks it's great. My SON thinks it's great! LOL Seth goes with Daddy to get the wood and brings it back and sits patiently watching all the trunks get split. With every piece of split wood my son exclaimes "Wow Daddy! You're amazing!" By the end of all this I have a couple of puffed up boys on my hands! They're both so proud of their hard work. What do I do? I the airconditioning...with ice tea and my daughter drawing along.
(I think I've got the sweeter deal no matter what those boys say!)

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Ellen said...

My husband would do the same thing!