Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Hi! I said I'd come back and update so I am *right* now befor something or someone requires my assistance around here.

Georgia was born Sept 19th at 2:32 am. I don't know why I think that a birth will go somewhat like this one or that one or that the baby will be anything like it's siblings. Each of their births have been completely unique with its own set of wierd complications and time lines.

Seth- I had preclampsia so they induced and when they broke my water I passed out. Robyn- I had pregnancy induced galbladder attacks that induced labor. Georgia- they had to try 4 times to get the epidural to work without making the room "foggy" and by the time it actually kicked in I was at 8 cm and ready to push 15 min later, which meant they had to tell me when to push cause I had no idea when I was contracting (it was like I was in the room and not really doing the work).

Anyhow, she's cute and sweet and I just want to cuddle her all day. She makes those little squeaks and grunts that newborns make when she's sleeping. And she's now nursing like a champ- after having to teach her how to suck properly.

I have a theory now though. Seth also had to be taught how to suck properly while Robyn came out knowing what to do! Seth is my skinny little kiddo who would rather snack than eat a meal and needs a 'bite countdown' when a plate is in front of him. Robyn is my try anything you give her to eat (even salads) and ask for seconds 'good eater'. This all makes me wonder since Georgia is now eating like Seth did, if she will be another 'bite countdown' kid. :)

But if I've learned anything at all these past 2 weeks- it's that each one is his/her own little person. There is no box I can mentally put them in quite yet.

What I find peace in right now is this:

Yes, I can tell ya which one ran down the hall with the end of the toilet paper roll.

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