Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Things I Never Thought I'd Hear Myself Say
(Acronym TINTIHMS- b/c military love acronyms!)

This is going to be a weekly blog entry of things I've said during the past week that make my world stop as I ponder "What the heck did I just say?!? I am not, not, not, *not* turning into my mother!" or make me think "Seriously? I have to say that to you people?!?"

~Stop touching your pee pee.
~Do not put your boogies on the wall next to your bed at night!
~I can't wait till your father gets home!
~Seth, she takes my things too. Just let her have it.
~Don't put your fingers up my nose, child!
~Please stop trying to pull my pants down, it's not funny.

Can you beat those this week? I'd love to read your gems too! LOL


JAR said...

Hahaha!! These definitely brought a smile to my face today!!

Hey, can you PM me your currrent addy? Where are you getting your mail? I have a little tiny something for your darling Georgia.


Ellen said...

My everyday saying is "Are you pooping?" --the answer is "yup!"

FFFF said...

How about
Come here let me smell your butt....

Dawn Mercedes said...

oh my! thanks for the smile. glad that i'm not the only one having these sort of conversations!