Monday, December 10, 2007

WII play together

Seth and I golf together on our WII. He is so good at it! I thought I hated golfing-but this is like miniature golf with strategy! WII also bowl together. I refuse to box with the kid, though. He KOs me in no time flat and even tells me to "bring it" (where on earth did he learn that from?)
His favorite right now is Lego Star Wars- it's so funny to see everything you lightsaber fall apart into Lego pieces! And is had 100+ levels! Holy cow, the kid is going to be 6 befor he sees the end of this game!
I love our WII. Anyone want to trade MIIs? :) I've got cute Seth, Robyn, Bev and Mikes ...oh and Wierd Al, Shark man, and Napoleon Dynamite.


Tanya said...

I've got cute Miis too! Haven't quite figured out how to do the trade thingy or the parade.

Anonymous said...

Wii love our Wii :) Wii have lots of fun lol

FFFF said...

They make liitle nerf golf clubs,tennis rackets,and baseball bats to attach on the end of your WII remote now for the FULL sporting effect. We won't get to try ours tell xmas though.

FFFF said...

MAN-I hate those little word verification thingees differnt sites have. I can NEVER read them right!

Anonymous said...

Neeed your Wiiii number pleeease

ding dingy dong christmas is here