Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Dang Writers Strike

In the interest of all honesty, I have to say that if you would have asked me a couple of hours ago what I thought about the writers strike I would have been all "WTHeck man! Those guys need to put down their martinis and start writing my freakin' shows!". But that's not me anymore. No, I am a much better, more informed person of the general public now thanks to our friend Google.
Those darn writer and their lack of writing was POing me man! I'm just a little house wife, raising three kids four and under, trying to get my Greys fix here and there...and they're all on their private jets going to Bali and eating my bon bons while saying "who needs writing when we can have a vaca!"
But really they aren't. If you look at them striking (is that the right word?), they look like grungy people, actually! LOL Not a Donna Karen shirt on one of 'em!
So I came upon this video, and yes, it changed my mind.

It's really THE MAN I should be mad at.
You know. That MAN. The one up in his fancy office that looks out over the studio lot. He's on the phone with Jay Leno, telling him to make the show extra good tonight 'cause his wife wants to redecorate the condo in Palm Springs. He's smoking a Cuban.
I hate that man. He's keeping me from seeing what happens on Heroes, Greys, Chuck, October Road....
Blast him! Give the darn writers an extra 4 cents!
Heck, I'll do it!
Here's my penny jar!!!
And buy yourself a clean shirt while your at it!
Psssst...there's a twenty in it for ya if you get Meredith to stop being an idiot and shape up befor she loses McDreamy!

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Melissa said...

You crack me up! When this whole thing is over I'm coming over to watch Grey's with you. Although, I must admit I want Merideth to go to major counseling and leave all men alone!