Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Seth turned four. Four! I can't believe it. I sat next to him in his bed last night, singing him his bed time songs, and saying our prayers~ all the while looking back at the two of us that first night together in the hospital room. He was so warm and soft and delicate in that little blanket, wrapped up like a burrito. He smelled so sweet. Little hands so innocent.
I love this boy. His hands, no longer innocent. He smells...not as sweet. Four. I love this boy.

The card he is holding is the card I made him from THIS design. Sorry I didn't get a better picture of it, but he wanted to have it pretty bad. It has a shark on it. If you've been around my son for more than a few minutes you probably know he is a big fan of "the great white SHARK"! LOL

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