Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm a thrower...

...when I'm mad.
Some people are criers. I'm definitely a thrower- then I cry. LOL
And low and behold, the Lord above has seen fit to give my 2 year old daughter the same habit when she's mad.
It's very humbling...and extremely annoying. Thanks God. Way to show me how it feels to have to parent it.
She gets upset, looks for something to throw, throws it and if it wasn't rewarding enough of a crash (like say a stuffed animal), she throws something else ( like a cup full of milk). It's so fantastic to disciple *sarcasm*.
Everyone with me now: What goes around...comes right back around and knocks you on your behind! LOL


MandySue said...

See and I am a yeller but mostly a crier. If I am really mad I will yell a bunch and then it all turns into tears and I am a mess. Everyone in my family jokes about my crying!

Stampin' Project Junkie! said...

aww hahaah maybe you can knock the habit?? hahaha!! Miss ya girlie!! Come stalk with us soon!! XoXo

FFFF said...

OMG!!! Ethan does the same thing! Just today he threw my newly opened can of soda! Grrrr.