Monday, February 25, 2008


Made Cavatini for dinner last night. So Yummmmo!

If you've never tried cavatini, it is a lot like lasagna, except the noodles are different sizes, not in long sheets, so (IMO) it is much easier to make- I loath trying to keep the sheets from sticking together. Mmm..left overs....

For the recipe, go HERE.

I add in a lb. of ground beef when I'm cooking up the peppers and onions (my husband would look at it weird if it didn't have meat in it) and I don't add in the garlic until the last few minutes of its simmering time (I think it over cooks the garlic if you don't and thus end up losing the majority of the garlic flavor).

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Anonymous said...

Oh Oh Oh, looks Yum yum yum O!

Must make this soon :)