Friday, February 29, 2008

A Fool for Lost

I'm an idiot.

I don't know why I watch Lost. Nobody knows where it's going. Nobody knows if the stupid island exists or why it's time is not earth time.

A year ago I refused to watch the darned thing, and then I thought, well I could just rent them starting from Season 1 and see if it's at all interesting. The bizarre truth is: the unknown is not only curious, it'd addicting too.

Last nights episode (watched this morning online) was one of my favorites! Desmond at last got to talk to Penny and they even got enough time to say their I Love Yous. A much needed gratifying moment for Lost Fans everywhere.

We still know crap not a darn thing about anything that's going on...but somewhere Penny is having a very good Christmas.
Blast mystery shows!

Edit: For those that don't know, ABC currently has *every single episode* of Lost on it's full episodes list right now. You can go HERE and click on a season and then episode and watch each one in HD even. And if THAT weren't enough and you think you're all caught up: have you seen Lost: Missing Pieces yet? Go HERE for missing pieces to the you may be even more confused. You're welcome. LOL


Andrea said...

I've come to the conclusion that the show's title is prophetic. It has nothing to do with the theme for the characters. It squarely describes the viewers and our state of mind..."LOST" so very "LOST". That show is a head scratcher for sure.

Sandy said...

Lost addict here too. Just how did Desmond know to find his non father-in-law at an auction house. :) And interestingly he was bidding on the journal from the "Black Rock" John said that was the name of the ship they found the dynamite on. (I have to say it unsettled me last week when Kate had Clair's son)

Anonymous said...

Yes...I struggle with whether or not it's even okay to feel this totally addicted to...a tv show. Adam doesn't watch it and I'm forever trying to explain to him why I just can't get enough of it! He thinks I'm crazy. Well...I've got 1 more episode to watch and I'll be done with Season 3...then I'll need to log on to ABC website to catch up on last night's episode.