Monday, February 04, 2008

The Force Be With You!

It all started when we got the Wii. We got Seth the Lego Star Wars game (super cute!) and now he likes Star Wars. He playes real Legos and pretends they have lightsabers. Now I'm wondering...when will he be old enough to watch the actual movie? For those of you who's children like the series (and I know there are a couple!), how young and which episode is the :)


Andrea said...

I was 8 or 9 when I saw the first one. My brother was about a year younger and I remeber that his favorite one was the one with the Ewoks (I think it is the second one). Those things were hilarious to us when we were little. I haven't seen any of the "new/old" movies so I don't have insight on those.

Sandy said...

Max is a HUGE Star Wars fan. The episides are out of order in a way. Back in the 70's it was actually episodes 4, 5 & 6 that came out... the ones with Mark Hammil and Harrison Ford etc. We actually have the set on VHS. The boys have watched all three of them... but with us FF through some parts that have "icky" monsters in them. We have bought the more recent ones but only Episodes #1 & #2. John tells me #3 is pretty gruesome. Episode one is cute (Annikan (sp)aka future Darth is a little boy) This is getting too long... best advice ... rent them and preview.. only you can know what might be too much. :) (we had the old E.T. video and thought the kids would like it.. ended up giving Max nightmares... oh dear) I guess E.T. is a bit "icky" looking.

Dawn Mercedes said...

I am such a dork.

I guess when I saved your blog, I saved it to one page...I have been missing your updates...for months!


So, santa brought us Lego Starwars: the complete saga for the wii too...and my 8 year old LOVES it. He hasn't seen the movies yet...we've been trying to get them from the library. We'll let him watch the first 3 for sure.