Friday, February 08, 2008


Yeah baby! I have shown my husband the wonderful idea that is Mama Appreciation Week. A week where Mama changes no babies, cleans up no Legos, wakes not in the middle of the night to calm bad dreams, eats her own darn cereal without having to share with a child in her get the picture? The grand picture that is MAW fantastica?
IT has a budget and a location and ...spending money.
Girlfriends even!And ya know what?
He. Bought. It.
*hair flip*
I about jumped out of my skin in glee!
So where am I going and when? I'm going to STAMPIN' UP!'s convention in July!
WAAAAAHooooooooo!! Seriously, every time I think about it I about PIMP! (pee in my pants~ for you abbreviation illiterate)
It's in Salt Lake. I'm sharing a hotel room with 3 demo friends.
They do this fun thing at convention where people swap cards...a lot of them. The demos that bring cards to swap, usually bring at least 100 cards. So you know what that means? I have a lot of swaps to make!
And it's Su!'s 20th anniversary this year~ convention is going to be BIG. I'M sooooooo beside myself!
Wahoo! Pajama make and take parties...Meeting Shelli (Su!'s first lady)...the grand reveal of the Fall/Winter Catalog! Free sets! PIMP!
MAW!! What a deeeeal!


Anonymous said...

(hehe, you can delete this if you need too..but..)

I am sooooo FARKING gellis! Watch out for those Mormons, they'll getcha! lol

(spellin' errors intentional lol)

*brooding, green with envy, you suck*

Cyndy said...

I'm so SO SOOO SSOOOO EXCITED for you! It will be a blast! I was hoping to go, but now we'll be in TX...not sure it will work out. HAVE A BLAST!!!

Anonymous said...

You are one lucky girl! I'm working on convincing my husband to let me go home for a weekend when my sister has her 1st's a work in progress...

Anonymous said...

And please, for the sake of cleanliness, take some know, for the PIMP'ing....and you know, I totally expect up to the minute reporting or at least some daily updates ;)