Saturday, February 23, 2008


Woke up this morning with a gross sneezing, coughing, congested, sinus tighten-ing cold. Of course M has weekend duty, which means Mawma has to suck it up and do what is only necessary be a blessing on her own, around this place. Oi. It's getting worse. No church for us tomorrow. No way can I face the outside with 3 kids on my own, sneezing the whole time. Trust me, it's better for all of us if I keep these buggers to myself! Remarkably, my little petri-dishes angels, did not give this thing to me.
Oh, my head! Why can't I just send everyone to bed at 6pm?


Anonymous said...

Sorry you're sick!! Why not put the kids to bed at 6:00? Too late now and hopefully they're all fast asleep, but I've certainly done 6:00 on rough days!! (7:00 is their normal bed time.)

FFFF said...

I have much compassion!!! I only talked-well whispered-to you on the phone so I KNOW I didn't pass it on to you. Thank gosh my hubby was able to take a couple of days leave to help me out!