Friday, February 22, 2008

Switching to Cloth

(Warning: if you are sensitive to all things diapering, bums, poop, or pee related do not read this post)
Geeze! God’s been stretching me A LOT this past year! Things I said “never” to are now the things that make me happiest. Crazy.
Most recently on that list of “never”s: cloth diapers.
My darling baby Georgia has had diaper rash since day numero uno. I switched diaper brands, I used diaper ointment, I let her air out as much as possible (scary stuff- will she pee or download right now? Please Lord, no!).
Well, when I’d change her and ponder this diaper rash problem (by this time the rash was even up by the straps) a little voice kept saying, “it’s the diapers”.
The other day, I was changing her in the bathroom, and Seth came in. He said "Mommy, baby Georgia's bottom has owies! Let's pray." He bowed his little head and prayed for her owies on her bottom. Funny huh?
These aren’t your mama’s cloth diapers. Not to put those down, but man, I am NOT about to put anything in the toilet and swish it around! Uhh uh. Not for me.
If I was going to do this thing, it was going to be with out toilet water, and with minimal ick factor. Did you know that they make fancy cloth diapers? Check it out. THESE are the ones the kids are wearing. The have Velcro straps, a micro fiber padded insert, look darn cute, and wash so easily!
The “diaper pail” is dry (no bacteria building wet diapers soaking and in water and stinking up the house). The cloth wipes clean their bums with one swipe (you just make up the soap solution). I’ve even got a hose that sprays the “harder to get off” stuff off into the toilet. Sorry for the gag factor.
Any who, guess what. After not even 24 hours, Georgia’s diaper rash is starting to disappear! It’s amazing. I can’t believe it myself. The best thing? These are one size diapers (changing sizes with snaps) and they work for ever kid (Seth still wears them at night). My friend April, is using All In Ones (the insert is sewn in and you just Velcro them on, and take them off and use them just like a disposable (except you do wash and reuse).
Why was I so stubbornly against them? Why did I wait so long….
Man, think of all the money I could have saved by doing cloth before now…I could have bought more stamping stuff! LOL
Ok. There’s my cloth diaper spiel. I’m in love.


Erin... said...

i'll have to pass this on to my sil, she's due in july and wants to do cloth. thanks

Ellen said...

I have been using these exact diapers on Maddie since she was a couple months old! Love 'em!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for cloth! I'm so happy you love them and that I got to play a small part in your "conversion" to the world of cloth!

Kyle&Karissa's~Mommy said...

Cloth diapers...I am very intrigued by this...emailed you and April for more info! I just might have to make the big switch for Karissa!