Saturday, March 22, 2008

How I Just Got My Kids to Eat An Entire Eggplant


I know. I nearly fainted myself.

A vegetable besides ketchup? Impossible right? :)

And a "weird" vegetable at that? Not a potato or a carrot?

I bought an eggplant for kicks the other day to see what I could come up with to do with it. Well, after a couple of days had to be used or else. So tonight I made this:
Eggplant Snack Sticks

Things I changed: I peeled the purple bugger so I wouldn't have peels dissuading my babies to eat it. I cute them thinner so they were crispier. I broiled them for 4 minuets on each side. I served spaghetti sauce on the side. I told them they were just fries. Not "french". Not potatoes...just "Mommy made some fries for dinner!".

They ate an entire eggplant (I ate 6 fries which was probably 1/8th). I'm still...speechless.


Anonymous said...

I *heart* eggplant!! Thanks for the link for that recipe!! Yummers!

Audrey-CieloTierraMar said...

yum yum love me some fries :o)