Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Waterproof Napkins

Quick thought I had this past weekend.
Michael went out and brought home fast food for dinner. Robyn grabbed my concrete and I told her to put it back and that she could have some after her dinner. Poor girl sat there eating her dinner, not taking her eyes off of my concrete the whole time. She finished, threw her arms, up and yelled "all done" and lunged for her prize. Of course she was more force full than necessary and in her excitement, the concrete flew off the table. Luckily...the consistence of concrete is darn thick and only a little got on the floor and wall.
Well, I reached for the fast food napkins to clean up the spill and you know what happened? The darn mess just kept slipping off the napkins and back onto the floor. Those darn napkins weren't soaking up a drop of the ice cream. *IRRITATING*
Why do they make fast food napkins waterproof? Seriously! Arrrgh!
Who thought that up? They must'ev been

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