Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How I Find Lost Things

This is how the story usually goes.

Toy is lost for days. Whining ensues about this predicament.

A week later I am trying to figure out what to make for dinner, so I go to my freezer.

Top drawer:

...let's see, I don't want quiche...let's not do pizza...thawing ground beef for tacos would take too long....let's see what the bottom drawer offers.

Bottom drawer:

Waffles? Mmmm, I'll have to have some ice cream after the kids go to bed. Chicken tenders! Bingo! That's what we'll have. ....SHARK?? Shark! "Seth! I found your shark!"
Now...how to find my package of rhinestone brads that I left on my craft table. I'm betting the pigtailed girl put them somewhere...maybe behind the juice.
I find things in the craaaaziest places!


kmrose said...

I once left the phone in the fridge! I am surprised I ever found it.
Karen--love your blog! Michelle gave me the link for my makeover.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...yes. Better to find lost things in the fridge than in the toilet I always say! I speak from experience....

MandySue said...

Hahahaha. I just found my foundation in the back of Ashley's closet. I was searching frantically for it the day we got pictures taken and couldn't find it anywhere. A week and a half later I decided to go through her clothes and hmmm what did I find. Little stinker!

Anonymous said...

That is so hilarious! What would we do without kids in our lives? Life would be no fun at all and we wouldn't have as many special "surprises!"

Stephanie said...

Ha Ha, how funny!

Anonymous said...

oh my god ! how is that supposed to help ? fs. :@