Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Children Love our Backyard...and More Cards

It's summer again! :)

Yes, I know according to so and so's they say Summer doesn't start till June 20th, so technically it's still spring. We don't really get spring here, though. It's Winter and then BAM it's Summer then BAM it's Winter again. LOL

Anyway, the kids are terribly excited that they can play outside everyday again. What? You started letting your kids play outside again a long time ago? Oh, get outta' here.

Look! An empty Robin's egg...a true sign that life is good and winter is GOOOOOONE. And ya know what? I made 2 cards today.

One, very much SUMMER.

The other...well, I guess these days are numbered. Got to get out and enjoy the leaves befor they fall again.


Anonymous said...

Yay for getting to play outside again! My kids have been enjoying that pleasure as well. Although it is HOT down here in TX land. Are the mosquitoes bad up there yet??

Melinda McClellan said...

Oh no, another blog to list in my favorites! I saw the strawberry card on SCS (I think). Hope you don't mind but I'm totally going to CASE it!