Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Bit Obsessive...

I'm currently designing and starting all my swap cards for Stampin' Up! convention.
I have a lot to do and like a month to do them in!
Here's what's on my plate:

12 "mystery" bookmarks- for a bookmark swap
50 WOW swap cards (really I want all my cards to be WOWs, but this one is supposed to be especially freak-out inducing)
50 swaps for the SplitCoastStampers dinner
30+ swaps for general swapping here and there at the airport, hotel, main floor, etc..

The bookmarks are done! Wahoohooohoohooooo!
I've got one of the cards for group swapping designed and cut out I just have to stamp them and assemble.
The other swap design I'm re-doing cause it's not thrilling me.
The 30+ general swaps will just be icing on the cake...once I get the others done I'll think about those.
The designing process has become an obsession. It's just sad, people!
I wake up in the morning with an color combination, or a layout, or a stamp set in my head and rush to get it on paper to try later.
Yesterday, I'm looking through my new Real Simple that came in the mail (Yeah baby!), and I find 3 inspirations I must use on cards! It's sick.
You want to look at a proto-type?

I made this one the other day. I'm centering the flag sentiments in the final swap. Just a taste of what I've been up to. :)

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