Friday, June 20, 2008

This Too Shall Pass...

bwahahahahahahahahaha..oh man! Huh? What's funny?

Ah...the card that goes with that greeting, of course!

Ready for it?

Are ya?


Well, here it is anyway..



I can think of 4 people in my life who need this card for various reasons. LOL

Anyway, this was a challenge card. We had to make an "out of the box" card with no rectangles or circles as card bases. So I cut this baby out and sponged it up.

You love it. You know you do.

Side note: Never buy a low flow toilet for your new house. Never buy three low flow toilets for your new house. Don't do it. Ever.

Oh sure, it might seem like you are helping the environment and doing the right thing, right? Well you will end up wanting to take a plunger to the head of the person who thought up the whole "low flow" revolution. A used plunger, right to their big 'ole head. Bunch'a idiots. I am well versed in the exhaustive plunging technique now. Daily. *shakes head*


Monika said...

I am sooooo with you on this - I hate those things. And to think we had the old kind and my husband decided to replace them and now all we have are boys are all learning how to use the plunger and I think I'll have to use this card for all of them. Thanks for sharing and for the laugh and for letting me know we aren't the only ones in the world with this problem!

Anonymous said...

Funny! You never cease to amaze me with your creative cards!! Sorry to hear about the toilet frustrations...

Anonymous said...

Ok I just discovered your blog and this may be a little off topic and a little too late, Terry Love's info on low flow toilets! I was desperate and about to make the kids "go" in the woods until we discovered the Toto Ultramax and Drake toilets! Not very stamp-y, but who can create when the house smells like..... :)
Oh, and get the soft close lid for sure! It's a dream! No touching the seat to close it quietly, no slamming when you dn't want to touch the seat!