Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Party 'til the Cows Come Home..."

"...and find out that we've drunk all the wheat grass! They're going to tan our hides!" LOL
That's not the actual sentiment, but I just couldn't help sayin' that. Cause I'm a freak. :)
Aren't these sheep cah-yute!? Love 'em!
I received my design team Elzybells stamps in the mail today...all the way from the UK! Cheerio fellow Elzybelles!
These sheep are in the Sheep Celebration2 set. Supra cute.
They remind me some of Shaun the sheep off of Wallace and Gromit. Anyone know Wallace and Gromit? Big fan here.
Watch out Shaun. That wheatgrass is going to hurt in the morning, dude. :)


Rachel Hope said...

OMG! That is Hilarious! I Love your "Wainscotting" I'd hate to clean up after that party!

Debi said...

Bev this is super adorable! So glad you got your package. Waiting patiently to see all the wonderful things you do with your Elzys

Jessie/knightrone said...

This is totally HYSTERICAL!!! Love it!!

Tandra said...

*SNORT* !!
That is hilarious Bev!!!
I just love it!!!

ScrapSoon said...

I do often watch your blog and it's fun to watch your great cards everytime.
But this one is outstanding.
I really love those sheeps and i LOVE shaun the sheep to.
Great job you did.
Have a nice day.