Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Card to Lick My Wounds

Alright already! Sheesh!
You can kindly not email me now. LOL
I'll tell you the story of what happened to the pencils.
Yesterday afternoon I was all "You shall not get the better of me ye 'ole pencils", and they were all "ha ha! In your face!"
So I finished the background till I was pretty happy with it and the phone rang so I went to answer it.
I know. Can you feel that pit in your stomach? I know!
I was on the phone with a friend putting in a Pampered Chef order and Robyn brings me the pencil panel with the lovely Not Quite Navy marker all over the pencils (yes, she did a pretty good job staying inside the lines). She was smiling so big and saying "fix it Mommy! Yeay! I fix!"
I love my children. They just bring it all down to what really matters for me.
*sigh* I'll have to come back to the general idea of that panel later next week.

To make myself feel better, and to not hold a grudge against Not Quite Navy, I made this card for my Fab 6 Club ladies. We'll be making this as well as another card on Friday night.
It's supposed to be a masculine card. I have a tough time with those. Namely the anti-ribbon, and the anti-bow criteria that masculine card rules state. I itched all over and had to walk away from putting a cute white taffeta bow at the top left corner.

"When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on"
-Coco Chanel

I always think of that quote when I'm finishing a card. I hate going overboard.
Yes, more is more. But sometimes, more is gaudy. Ya know?

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Brooke S said...

I have really wanted to be with all the girls from convention.. And then I see this stinkin' cute card reminds me of my convention bag... And :( miss you and all the gals...