Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Secret

Shhh! You promise not to tell?

I've got a secret place I love to go for inspiration. It's my idea candy shop. My little stamper mind goes wild when I open it's pages. My idea notebook groans in information input overload.

I. Love. Quilting. Magazines.

The texture rich pages, designs and patterns, color rhapsodies, use of stitching and *buttons* (how I love thee!)....Quilting magazines send me over the edge! *happy sigh*
Today's card will be inspired from this front cover quilt.
Riding Hood Red! Yum!
Want to join me? Make a card inspired by this quilt!


Tandra said...

Hi bev!
That quilt reminds me of the Bella Rose paper form SU! Hereis a card I made last month that th equilt reminded me of!

Anonymous said...

That's funny...cause when I see some of your 'work of art' cards that you do, it actually reminded me of some of the quilts my sister used to make. She always amazed me at her ability to 'see' these color combinations and how well the different patterns of material would work together. I realized that you must have that same 'gift' as it shows in your cards!

Alas, I may only end up being a 'copier' of talent, and here and there putting my own little 'stamp' on something! Maybe when I get my head out of all this book work, and get a chance to dream while perusing a quilting magazine I will be surprised at the inspiration that comes forth!? LOL!

Heading on a little 'vacation'/help a family member/continuing education trip! Hope you have a great week! T.