Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A Card for Li Mei

I'm venturing out on something new, and maybe you'll join me.

While Nana was here this weekend, in between helping me with bath time and starting the Truth Project with me, she mentioned how you can send cards of encouragement to the persecuted, through The Voice of the Martyrs.
They make it *really* easy.

I'm starting out with Li Mei.
I left the card I made simple and free of sentiment since she'll be able to read the letter of encouragement I'll insert that's translated for me through TVM.

It's a very painless process that truly brings hope to someone across the globe. After reading her story, this is the most humbling card I've made in a while.


Connie (cmc2stamp) said...

This is such a beautiful card, Bev...and such a great cause! How wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

Li Mei will be so encouraged and blessed by your BEAUTIFUL card! After reading about this ministry, I may sign up also.