Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yes, I've been playing

I have! It's just most of it are things that I'm submitting and I can't show ya. Secret stuff. Trust me, it hurts me more. Trust. Me. Pain, I say!

But, I did make a Christmas card this mornin'.

I just love )))Baja Breeze((( so I made a monochromatic Christmas card with it.
This brings me down to 42 Christmas cards...but don't you fret. I've got a whole shwacking pile of 20 that I'm in the process of mass producing. Life is good.

What's that you say? I used trees again?
I did. Whooooa. I just don't even notice this tree stamp thing I've got going. Should you care, this one is a background from Cornish Heritage Farms. And it's yahmy!

On another note completely, who wants to come over and help me rake my obscenely leaf laden back yard? THOSE 12 trees are the bane of my existence...well until it starts snowing anyway.

Edit: If you tuned in earlier and saw this card in a picture taken outside: kindly disregard horrendous picture that killed me not so softly the rest of the day. I posted a new picture to make me feel better. Apparently outdoor card picture taking season is now over. :)


Anonymous said...

Very cute! BTW, watch for the MOPS newsletter. I have a "Bev-inspired" home craft idea in there. Trees baby! ;)
With the wind today, did all your leaves blow into the neighbor's yard? Our neighbors just had their lawn service come yesterday and mow/bag all the leaves. It looked so purdy! Till today, when the hurricane left their yard full again. Good thing I didn't covet their clean yard *too* much yesterday.
See ya tomorrow!

Bev said...

Oh yes dear! That wind just whistled all day long and took most of my leaves to my neighbors. Bless it's pea pickin' heart! LOL
I'm quite happy.

Staci M. (Misermom) said...

Well, stay happy...did you see you had a card on the Stamper's Showcase today? Woo-hoo! Happy for you!!

Bev said...

Yes Ms Staci. I did see that and thank you muchly!

silkeledlow said...

Another gorgeous card - the baja color is indeed awesome and you have made it look fab on this card!!!

BTW - I love all your card!!!