Monday, February 23, 2009

There She Goes Q&A Time with Bev

Jessica compiled the questions everyone asked the TSG Girls, and came up with 10 for us all to answer. I hope that you find my answers interesting and not as boring as I sound to myself? :)

For ease in reading, I've put my answers in red.
1. What do you typically start a project with? What's picked first: stamps, embellishments, DP, colors.....?
It depends on if the card is for a specific challenge or theme. If so then at least one element is picked for me- be it the stamp (theme), colors (challenge), or design (challenge).
If I am doing a card just for fun and just for me to use at an undefined time, I always start with colors that convey how I feel at that moment.
2. Do you give away your cards, sell them, send them or hoard them? Or all of the above??
I do send them, though it might take me a while to part from some more than others. I have quite a full box of cards at the ready for any occasion.

3. If you could design your own stamp or stamp set, what would it be?
It would be a little girl two step stamping set. A little girl face and hands holding something you stamp for her to hold- a tea cup, a big sunflower, teddy bear, apple, piece of cake, drawing. The items would be large and you’d only just see her smiling eyes peeking out behind them.

4. Where do you get your inspiration?
From everywhere!! Magazines (layouts, colors), nature (everything!), pop culture (tv shows, internet, movies, etc.). This is why I have an idea/sketch book with me at all times! I jot down little inspirations in it everyday. Will they all materialize? Maybe no, but they are there.

5. How do you balance your stamping time with your personal time/work/kids/etc.?
This is VERY delicate for me: insuring that everyone feels like that are loved and taken care of *including* ME with my “me time”/stamping time. Being a mommy to 3, 5 years and younger, and keeping the house, and making meals, and leaving love notes for my hubby…THOSE are the most important. I’ve found that if I stay up late I’m a ruined woman. I have to go to bed by 10 to wake up at 5:30 for my walk before my hubby goes to work. Then I have about an hour to an hour and a half to stamp before the kids wake up. Balance.

6. What is your favorite embellishment?
Ribbons. No, buttons. Buttons. No, ribbon. Ribbonbuttons.

7. What is something that not a lot of people know about you?
They always say “I didn’t know you were so short. And young!” :D I love to hear both. I’m 27 and 5.1 and a HALF!

8. On average how long does it take to create one of these fabulous cards we see each week??
About an hour for design and creating time (shorter if I take a clue from my idea/sketch book), Then another ½ hour for picture upload, watermarking, and blog post set up.

9. What is your favorite coloring medium?
At the moment, watercolor paper and water coloring with markers is my “thang”! I am trying out Copics though, too.

10. What time of day do you prefer to do your creating?
I’m stamping and creating in my head all day long. It’s a PASSION! I’m always thinking about what I want to make next and what the process will be to see it to completion. Ideally? A half hour after breakfast. Right when my coffee kicks it into high gear!
Will you still read me? ;) Hope so.
I had a great weekend stamping with friends, and I'll be sharing pics of it here and there all week for you to see. Here's a couple.

Had Brunch on Sunday at the Fish House in Pensacola with girlies Jenn Balcer, Beate Johns, and Christine Pacholl. Thanks Christine for picking such a fabooooo place to eat! :)And speaking of yum...hold on to your horses! Grits a Ya Ya are the beeeessssst thing you evah put in your mouth! You just want to get a room, I say! Aaand you can find the recipe right HERE!
'Cause you love me. 'Cause I love ya back.
P.S. Do go and see the other TSG Girl's answers to those fun questions! I know *I* can't wait to!


There She Goes Clear Stamps said...

I loved reading your answers Bev!

Would you believe that I have never had grits??? Those look delicious!!

Jodi Collins said...

You are SO cute Bev! LOVE reading your answers and I AM JEALOUS of who is in the pic with you! LUCKY LUCKY girl!!

Julie said...

LOVED reading your answers Bev...WOW 3 under 5! You are ONE brave woman! :)

Denise Marzec said...

I loved reading your answers, Bev!...ribbonbuttons, LOL! I'm totally jealous that you got to meet Jenn and Beate!!...AWESOME picture of all of you!

Unknown said...

Now, the photos are the best part!!
I'm glad to know you had a wonderful weekend!! All of you are so cute and pretty, especially you!! I also enjoyed reading your answers. You definitely balance your personal life and your stamping.

Becky Carafa said...

Fun read! And those grits do look yummy!

Christi Flores said...

I didn't realize that you and me are the same age! I'll be 28 in May! :) I loved reading all your answers and am VERY jealous of the other girls you had lunch with AND that dish! Yummy!!!

audrey said...

Bev, I feel like you're sitting right across from me chatting when I read your blog. I love it. You're beautiful, lady.

Silke Ledlow said...

You crack me up - Bev!!! I'm so happy I had the chance to get to know you in person!!!!

I'm so jealous you all got together with out me.....tell Beate I said *HI*!!!

Hugs ~S~

Joanne (jojot) said... have friends in high

great to get to know you a bit through your answers.....can't wait to see what you do with the new releases.....I am in awe

Kim P said...

I think your stamp set with the little girl and the big stuff for her to hold is ADORABLE! Have you talked to Jess about that? ;-)

You are taller than me...I am only 4' 11". But I am older!! LOL!!

carole (TruCarMa) said...

Oh, Bev, I DO love you!!! And according to Jenn, those grits were HEAVENLY!!! Loved reading about your creative process, and can't believe you're so tiny! (I'm 5'7" and figure everyone is my size... :) )