Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Case of the Case Lot "Sale"

I went to the Case Lot Sale this morning at 10 am! I never go anywhere early unless it's like a fixture in my schedule, but I thought "a sale"....needless to say it sucked lemons!
Back at our last base (Eglin), we had awesome case lot sales with great deals and awesome stuff for a "buy me or you're an idiot" price.
The best deal we had once were Dijoirno(-Sp?) pizzas 6 for $4.00. We bought so many, my husband had to take them out of their boxes so we could fit them and the rest of the sale items in our deep freezer.
THAT is a case sale. This commissary blows.


Tanya said...

I totally agree, the best deal I got was a case of Homestyle popcorn for 8.30, that's .69 a box:)

Anonymous said...

You're not kidding...I bought the popcorn too! I swear, I've seen that stuff fluctuate between .80 and $1.80 a box!!!

As Bev so eloquently put it, I agree, "This commissary blows!"