Monday, May 15, 2006

Finales: Take 1

I'm a tv junkie. I have shows I watch most nights of the week, the exceptions being Fridays and Saturdays cause I can't find anything good on. So it should not be any surprise that last night was a BIG tv night with all these finalies (more coming the rest of the week). That said, here we go....

I made a complete fool of myself..a fool! I was so giddy happy that Terri was voted off by Danielle! A lot of people just loved this guy, and I was very put off by his constant confidance that he was "gold" on every challenge. (I loathe over-confidance, it just smacks uppity to me)
It seemed to me the whole time though that Danielle's choice was not who to take to the final two with her, it was THE big choice of sole survivor. Whomever she would have picked would have won because there was no way the jury was going to pick her over these two strong men.
Am I the only one who feels like Aras was actually the more mature one in the Terri/Aras relationaship? All that testosterone...gag! Glad it's over with.

Grey's Anatomy
HOLLY FRIGIN' COW!!! "Don't! Don't, don't, don't cut that wire!!" For peats sake! I'm still freaking out about it! She's going to make his heart stop? My heart's stopping! I'm dying here! Thank GOD they have that last episode on TONIGHT. Just another 10 hours!
And then the whole Meradith fighting with McDreamy and not a word in the elevator! I have to say, this show rocks! It's made me realize what a snoozer ER has become (making me completely drop it from my line up), and it's such great drama and story lines. It reminds me a little of great shows gone by like...Dawson's Creek or maybe even My So Called life but with mature issues and salty humor.

West Wing
Nice ending. The kind everyone really wants for a show they've watched this long. Sweet, nostalgic, makes you think of what lies in their "future". Here's to you Mr President.

Big Love
For once you end up happy that Nicky is around! At least she shows she can actually HELP the family by standing up for Barb and what they believe in.
Margene, Margene, Margene. You just want to hug the gal, seriously, she's a walking mess. 23 with two kids and the 3rd wife. Wait...I'm 23 with 2 kids....BUT, I'm not in this poly-pressure cooker. "You're grounded"?! I think Nicky got a national face slap for that one.
So Margene witnesses the "sisterhood" backing and decided she IS, after all, part of the family. Well good for her, butwhen she walked away from little neb-nosed neighbor gal, you could just see all those puzzle pieces coming together in the neighbor's head. Hmm.
As far as Nick and his girlie getting it the director got that scene of them just just getting it over with. Too funny! And then his prayer at the end to have his virginity back. Do you think he'll go to Texas for the summer to "get away" only to come back sour with his family? Maybe...
2 episodes left!


Anonymous said...

Ok, I watched that GA episode and actually was screaming at the tv and cussing stupid stupid stupid for 10 minutes after I watched it....

Gotta love that "Big Love"....

"I should have never married your dad...or your mom....or Nicki. Especially not Nicki"


And that girl with the braid, is just like a cockroach!!

B_Rousch said...

Hahahaha! :)
Crime watch on the braid! :)
My favorite of the night though: "Polygamy? You couldn't have shocked us more if you had put a towel on your head and converted to Islam".
Great stuff. Oh! "Her accent is almost all gone now! She'll be saying 'ya'll' by the end of the summer"! Gracious! What a sister!