Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Clue! A Clue! A FRIGIN' Clue!!!

When I found that my son has a great facination with Blues Clues it was a big eh for me.
On one side, yeay he's enjoying a show...on the Gooood. How much can a show seriously make a person's eye twitch? Come on over and make me watch a show of Blue's Clues and you'll find out!
To my great despair, these clues are everywhere!! And It's not like I'm going crazy...suddenly I'm finding that random toys that have nothing to do with this show have blue pawprints on them. How do I find them? I don't. My son suddenly starts screaming "CWOOS!" and the only thing you can do to make him stop is to find a piece of paper and write the "clue" down! Thus we have "notebooks" all over the house. I present to you Articles A, B, C and D, above. A= on his cup, B= on Elmo's guitar (this thing is smaller than a flea but my son found it!!), C=on his counting book, D= on his drawing board.
I think I might go crazy like the guy from the show. You know, the first guy.... he did go off the rocker. Just check out his website:
He's now talking about stuff like mean spirited monkeys and whack stuff like that.
God forbid. I'm telling you, this show is not good for one's mental health!
That's it for now.

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