Friday, May 05, 2006

Grrr and Double Grrr!

My son is missing his Dad soo bad! It’s extremely hard to watch him run to the front door expectantly when ever someone comes to it. Or when go somewhere in the car, I’ll glance back in my mirror at him and he’ll be thumping his legs against the car seat excitedly saying “Dadies…dadies…dadies..” really quietly. My eyes just well up!
He’s is such a Daddy’s boy…this trip hads been really hard on him.
And then…there’s night time. I’ve been putting him down for bed, and he has been staying up 2 to 21/2 hours later just laying there crying for “Dadies!!!”. God forbid I come to console him, because I AM NOT DADIES!! Finally he falls asleep…but then he sleeps in really late the next morning.

Well, this morning, he WOKE UP crying for Dadies. I gave him his favorite to cheer him up too! Waffles, orange juice/“jwies”, The Backyardagains “Monster Detectives” episode, and his “Fuzzies” bear. Nada. He was not going to be happy. Little grump! Winey and all! Evil morning! Evil and double evil for me!!!
My husband calls in the middle of it…In general on his trips I try not to tell him how hard it is because there’s nothing he can do about it, but this morning I was on edge with Prince Demanding on my hands. Do you know what my husbands does? He laughs!
That son of a beep laughs! I was boiling on this end!
He says “Yup, he loves me!”. Ok, I get that, but seriously, do you not get how hard this is on my end to cope with the fall out of him being gone…so yeah….I’m alone on this one apparently. Not even a morsal of compassion while my husband takes scuba lessons with his FREE time. FREE TIME!!!!Grrrrrr!!!


Tanya said...

I see you started a BLOG :)

Anonymous said...

Bev, it will get better, trust me. I know that doesn't help right now, but it DOES get better.

Do you have a dart board? Perhaps putting DH's pic on it can help you pass all of your FREE time!!


ItsJustMeHeather said...

All those in favor of a spouses TDY to ANYWHERE raise your mouse!!