Thursday, May 25, 2006

Finales: Take 3

American Idol
Did you see the American Idol finale last night? Taylor Hicks won. I'm happy that he won because he's got his own style where as some of the other contestants were rather unoriginal. (I feel ya Susan!)
Buuuut....the big HUH? moment of the night for me was the Meatloaf and Katherine performance. Whaaaaaaat happened? I know he was trying to do some sort of opera thing, and I hate to get all Simon Cowel, but that was crap! It felt like I was back in middle school watching a friend perform in a talent was emberassing, and wierd, and a flop!
The finalists got cars so the big loser of the night was Meatloaf(which is unfortunate cause I usually like Meatloaf!).
Ok. I don't watch this show. If you like LOST, don't read on 'cause you're not going to like what I have to say.
The finale was on last night and right before the finale they had "LOST: The Recconing" on to kind of catch people up on what the show is about if they are just tuning in. I decided to DVR it, as well as the finale to see if it was a fun show.
They finnished Season 2! last night, and everyone is still wonering what the heck is going on?!?!? What the frig are people watching? They are a bunch of people on an island, pressing a button every 108 minutes so they don't die- which they don't know would happen for sure, and wondering about other people on the other side of the island who are in charge.
Maybe it's just me, but I don't get it. I'm not going to go through 2! seasons watching a show only to find out in the end of the show that it was all in the snowglobe/imagination of an autistic boy (see St. Elsewhere). Thus, now I know, this is why I don't watch this show.

On another note...Holy BUCKETS did you hear that rain yesterday? I haven't had a rainstorm like that since central Florida!
I went into town yesterday to cash in my flower voucher (Tim Shays is always such a nice nursery!) and it was sprinkling a little as I was loading the kids up into the double stroller so I put on our rain jackets. Well while we were in the greenhouse it really started coming down! The rain was so loud in there I couldn't hear what the lady right next to me was screaming into my ear! As it turns out she was just trying to compliment the children. And then one of the workers there was delightlful enough to walk me out to the car with an umbrella and my cart full of flowers. I sped home to get ahead of the storm (which I know is not very wise, but I had to get the kids and all our stuff in before the rain hit hard), and just made it. As I was closing our front door, it started pelting the glass like I were in a paintgun fight.
I feel like I'm in a lottery today we'll have nice weather. Or...well, maybe tomorrow....? Maybe in June...or in, wait, no. Then there will be too many mosquitoes....September! Yeah! Then October and November...and then cold...cold, cold, cold, and more cold. Cold December, January, February, March, April, most of May and ALWAYS 4th of July.

I hate North Dakota.


Anonymous said...

Worse yet, the Mary K. Blige number. What the hell was that?

B_Rousch said...

Yeah. I hate it when two singers get up on the stage like that and one tries to "outsing" the other. It really made her look bad! Not to mention the song...