Friday, August 04, 2006


I have such a passion for food. The other night I had this dream I was in Italy eating pastries and the alarm went off right in the middle of it. I was so mad the rest of the morning because that delicious dream was not reality.
Food Network is watched at least a couple hours a day. I try their complicated recipes all the time. My new favorite one (I made them tonight for dinner) is Alton Brown's recipe for Potstickers. Holy cow! It's like I ordered them in! Perfect recipe! So yum!
My Dad is a chef. I think this food passion is in my genes. If I could be anything regardless of the pay and circumstances in my life...I would go to school and be a chef, then be a famous person's personal chef. Could you imagine? Getting paid to please one palate? To make a perfect plate for one person all day long. It's like a dream to me! :)
It's not really enjoyable to me unless I have time to do it though. I really love taking my time to make a recipe.
The extent of this passion goes further than most people know.
I have a Restaurant Life List.
You see, when I travel, the foodie in me comes out, and I want to try every regional yummy available. Well...I have a Restaurant Life List. There are restaurants that I want to go to and see in my lifetime. Some of them are famous for their chefs, some of them for that one dish they serve to perfection.
It's really a fun list to have. You should make one!! Whenever we go on a road trip (which is quite often actually...maybe two long ones a year sometimes), we go out of our way to eat at these places. I may be a bit crazy...but like I said...It's a passion. :)

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Ellen said...

I here you on the food! I love it too! And I love to cook.