Friday, February 23, 2007


I'm hungry for cheesecake. Why isn't there some sort of cheesecake delivery service?
It's not a brilliant concept- I mean common...why hasn't someone come up with that?
I want creamy, delicious cheecake.
I'm making some tonight. It may take me all week to get through it (or a couple of days- who am I kidding), but I'm going to make cheescake and polish that baby off. Ooh, I know just the recipe too. It makes you want to smack your mama.
(if you want it, click the "cheesecake" title)
I'm soooooo *excited* for ChEeSeCaKe!!


mjb coffee said...

Oh! I love cheesecake also. My sister made one for all of us last summer, but I am hungry for another one. The recipe I have came from a Swedish woman and has a sour cream topping that is delightful. Guess I'll to see if there is still some spring to my springform pan!!!

Anonymous said...

Bev, you inspired me to blog today and my post is just for you hehe. luv ya!!