Sunday, February 25, 2007

Holy Snowfall Batman!

I woke up yesterday to is snowing and my deck, at the time had about half an inch of snow on it. It kept snowing all day- I mean ALL day. It didn't take a break! And then I wake up this morning to it STILL snowing. I swear there has to be like 4 to five inches on my deck now! My street looks like it's part of every ones front yards- I seriously doubt anyone is going anywhere today. Thank goodness I girded my loins and took the kids grocery shopping on Friday.
Oh yeah did I mention it's *still* snowing?
I guess it mostly freaks me out 'cause I know I'm the one who's going to have to plow through the driveway to get out sometime this week. I don't like being snowed it. I like the option of going out if I chose to. On the upside it's in the 20's out there! And it only feels like 9!

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