Sunday, February 25, 2007

My Hero of the Day

My dryer died on me! I'd been having to run it twice on a load of clothes lately and just didn't get what was going on. Well the past couple of times we've moved for some reason a couple of weeks into the house we've had to change the heating coil of our dryer. Looking back at that, I was NOT looking forward to moving the dryer out and taking the back off and taking the kids into Menards to find some heating coil (plus, I *really* dislike having to go though Michael's tools- they're never as organized as I'd like).
So image my complete relief to find the solution was quick, *free*, and I could do it all by myself without bundling up the kids (and possibly getting stuck in a ditch somewhere today).
I googled up help on how to change a heating coil on a dryer and came across this website of this repairman out in Pennsylvania ( He says that what you might think is the heating coil 50% of the time is something as simple as the airway being clogged with lint (a big fire hazard). So I trudged out in the snow to the end of the airway and found that *sure enough* my airway was clogged. *JOY*! I fixed it. So I emailed Mr. fix it guy from PA and said thanks.
You ROCK dryer lint guy!

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MandySue said...

glad to hear it was something as simple as that!