Wednesday, February 28, 2007

An Ode to Mojo

I'm not talking about Austin Powers kind of Mojo in the sense of charm, what I'm referring to is this delightful Cuban seasoning that we like to use as marinade.
I've been hungry for a really great steak and I had plans to order one to go from Apple bees while I was in town, but it started snowing pretty bad and I was at the airport before I remembered my delicious intentions. Well I wasn't about to risk life and limb to turn around in the snowstorm and I had to stop at the commissary anyway so I picked up some steaks and my favorite little bottle of marinade: MOJO (pronounced moe-hoe).
I have yet to meet a vegetable, steak, chicken (oh my gosh!), or lamb chop that this stuff has not taken from dull to heaven in an hour. It tenderizes everything and gives it such a yum flavor! Party in your mouth alert!
You can always make the marinade yourself- but WHY when you can just buy it perfectly mixed and easy to pick up in the Hispanic section of your grocery store (yes, the commissary has the sense to carry it- though they should devote a couple shelves in my estimation, this stuff is that dear to me).
OK, enough commercializing. I just couldn't help myself after having the best steak in the world. Go out and get yourself a bottle- you'll kill me for not having told you about it earlier.

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