Saturday, February 17, 2007

What the *Beep* happened to Meredith?!?

Ok, so I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy online on Fridays. Totally awesome that this is possible and that I don’t have to pay for cable OR have the option of getting stuck watching TV all day. So now I am completely caught up with the McDrama.
At 8 am on Friday I watched freakin’ Meredith gasp and wake up to McBomb and Denny. What the *BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP*?
It’s Sat. night and I’m still freaking out about it. What the….
They can’t bring her back as a ghost, right…..right?!?
It kinda kills the McRomance. (I was always weirded out by the movie Ghost)
Anybody else didn’t see THAT one coming? What the….
Oh yes….when you watch the show on line, they don’t show you the previews for next week…someone fill me in on that one! Thanks!


MandySue said...

Oh my goodness, I know exactly how you are feeling because I am feeling the same way. The preview for the next episode showed Christina screaming, "No, you have to keep trying," so I am just hoping and praying that somehow they try once more and bring her back. This is silly, I am just way too in to this show! Mike was making fun of me to his sister and she said, "oh, I love that show!" Ha ha that shows him. I can't imagine the show with her as a ghost or not there at all.....
What a sad day!

Ellen said...

Yeah, I DVR'd it and watched it on friday night. I was crying and John started laughing at me and asked if I was crying!! Leave me alone I am pregnant!