Monday, March 12, 2007

Biggest Bear Pancakes

So I'd promised my son all day that for dinner tonight we'd have Biggest Bear pancakes in honor of his favorite book The Biggest Bear by Lynn Ward.
So I took Robyn's cue that she was ready for her evening nap (yes, she still takes 3 naps a day here and there), and got to cookin'.
I made the basic Bisquick 12 and my son was so excited.
He ate one and was determined to show me how he could eat like a bear too so asked for a second. My daughter woke up and had one, then howled for another and when Seth walked away from his plate with half a pancake still on it, Robyn jumped on it and ate the last half. Let me recap for you:
Seth= 1 1/2
Robyn= 2 1/2 (she's got to be on a *crazy* growth spurt)
Me= 1
Yeah. The baby won't let me eat more than like half a cup at a time before I feel sickeningly nauseous. I love food. I used to be able to eat a plate full. *sad*

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